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Looking for Myth, Legend, Heroes, Tragedy, Suspense or Perseverance?
Just hang on to your mouse, lean forward and prepare for a tale that will stick on you, cause you’re just a mouse click away from the legend of a millennium.
Our legend at least.

It will be a story about ordinary people, being part in the special moments in time that mark an era. Each bringing their own contribution, great or insignificant in the face of history, but always being the parent, the son or daughter, being the loved one or the one loving & caring.

This website is dedicated to our family name, and the people that carry it.
For starters this is no ordinary name, but a tong twister that needs spelling on every phone call.
We are blessed with a double name: a combination of a French and a Dutch name. And for as long as I live and I can remember it has raised eyebrows and induced expectations of mystique, money or nobility.
So its time to tell the tale and where better to start then at the beginning…..

Our family name is:  d’Achard van Enschut
This name is formed in the early 19th century, shortly after Napoleon had installed the civil registration. When a young father gave the name of his mother as a givenname to his newly born son as a tribute to his mother who was the last of an ancient french bloodline.

I will try to tell the tale, the Who,What & Where, but also if possible the Why & How. This website will be a living document, it will grow over time.
The confirmed information I have now goes back 13 generations to 1630, but the legend and unconfirmed history goes back to 800AC !!! So more than a millennium it is, knights, priests, warriors, nobility, professors, explorers, inventors are there, even a king who wanted to be an emperor. But most of all a tale of ordinary people that sometimes have to struggle to survive in sickness & health in wars & famine.

Have fun!
Hans d'Achard van Enschut, November 2005