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  -0-  Daphne heeft een eigen website !!!
                                            Klik :

  -1- JAN 2008 : Part of the paintings and work of the "wHere is Here" project are now
        on (semi permanent) display at Cafe TINT. The student centre for spirituality & personal growth
        of the Eindhoven University

  -2- EDIT 2007was a sucess!!
        We had a lot of interest, an I see it as a compliment that some people stayed in our area
        for 45 minutes to discuss with us and other guests.....
        I am proud to say that we have been selected to show our work on this years edition of EDIT.
        With "We" I mean Me and my daughters Daphne and Veerle.
        EDIT is a cultural festival in the centre of  Eindhoven in unused factory buildings.
        For details and the full program see:
        To guarantee the quality and the broad spectrum of the event, this year there was a strickt selection
        by representatives of the following cultural institutions in Eindhoven:
          The Van Abbe Museum, Theaterplan, PopEi, STRP
        All the more reason why we are proud to be selected.
        Now for the content:
                  Our proposal is the theme project "wHere is Here"
                                                      wHere is Here    
                  Read all about this project in the latest news letter.
                  Pictures of the event will be posted soon
  -3-  I made a painting for the Website
                                                       Sunset of Mankind 
           This website intends to be a platform for positive action, based on
           Respect (for life) , Compassion and Solidarity,    with the vision:
                         This planet can be Eden for all of us.
            This painting has been shown (end of 2006) at the chapel of  the ESK for 3 weekends in a fundraising.
             People were generous to donate for streetchildren in Soweto (South Africa)

  -4-  I have participated in the group-exhibition on the EDIT festival in Eindhoven
        This festival was held in an old unused factory building during the
        Weekend of June 9-11th 2006
                                    My paintings for this exhibition can be seen at THIS LINK
                                    Photographs of the preparations and the other paintings here
                                    For streaming video of the band playing at the opening: here & here
                                    For more info on EDIT follow this link:

Have fun!
Hans d'Achard van Enschut, Oct-2008

for reactions & questions mail to :